The following 4 strands: prayer, reading/study, work and community are woven together to form a typical Benedictine day marked by balance and respect for the rhythms of human life and the environment, a day focussed on God and mutual service in love.

Seven times a day I will praise you, Ps 118 v. 164

Praise of God is at the heart of Benedictine life. Beginning with Vigils at 6am, the bell summons the community to gather for prayer six times during the day. In addition, each sister spends a total of one hour in personal prayer, while the community Mass is the highpoint of prayer together. So prayer is the main work of contemplatives who, through growing in union with Christ, offer the concerns of the whole world to God.

All our services are open to the public:
Vigils: 6am, Lauds:7.30am, Office:9.30am, MASS: Noon, Vespers:6pm, Compline, 8.15

Vigils: 6am, Lauds:7.30am, MASS:9.00am, Office 12.30, Vespers:6pm, Compline, 8.15

Your Word is a lamp for my steps
and a light for my path, Ps 118 v. 105

Lectio Divina, the prayerful reading of Scripture, is a vital part of the Benedictine day which is firmly rooted in the Word of God. The faithful practice of this ancient art of reading the Bible gradually re-forms us in the image of Christ. Time is also given to study which continues beyond initial training.

When they live by the labour of their hands, they are truly monks,  RB 48

While prayer is our main work, we need to support ourselves by the labour of our hands. Various arts and crafts are practised: book-binding, calligraphy, weaving, painting, photography and handcrafts. The community has a strong literary tradition, and hospitality is an important aspect of our work, though challenging while we await the building of a monastic guest-house. As an extension of our hospitality, we run some holiday lodges. Then there are the usual household tasks of cleaning, cooking, making and repairing our clothes. We keep hens and are trying to develop gardening.

How good and how pleasant it is when brothers live in unity, Ps 132, v.1

All these activities take place within the context of trying to build Christian community, a community bound by common values, called together to offer a convincing witness to the world that it is possible to respond to the Gospel challenge to live in peace and harmony.

That in all things, God may be glorified, Rule of St Benedict 57