Journeying with us ... as friends

'May we all grow together in the friendship of Christ'

from St Aelred’s Pastoral Prayer

We have been blessed with many friends throughout our history. Some have supported us financially and practically, for example when the community returned destitute to England after the French Revolution, and others through their prayer and friendship.

Many friendships have begun through common interests with individual community members. The most celebrated of these was that of Dame Laurentia McLachlan, George Bernard Shaw and Sydney Cockerell whose correspondence led to a book and stage play. Over the years, similar friendships have developed which have borne fruit for the whole community and wider church. Some of these remain personal and informal but in recent years we have tried to respond to many requests for a greater sharing in, and offers of support for, our life by drawing together a more formal network of Friends of Stanbrook Abbey.


A friend is anyone who supports our life of prayer. This may be through joining us in our prayers, physically at our Divine Office and Mass, or being united with us in your own prayers wherever you may be; spreading the word about the need for prayer and peace in the world and about the monastic life and our community and work of contemplation. Others support us through making an occasional or regular donation to our church building fund.


All you need to do is to make contact with us! If you would like to receive regular Stanbrook news we can add you to our Friends' Group. You can also keep in touch via this website or email (see address below). But the main way of being in contact is through prayer. We currently have over 800 "official" Friends with whom we are united in this special bond. To request a prayer please contact Sr Scholastica at the address below or via our Prayer Page.

Listen, O Lord,
to our prayer for our friends
and let your eyes watch over them day and night.
Shelter them under your outspread wings.
Pour your Holy Spirit into their hearts to be with them when they pray
so that, in the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace,
their hearts may be filled with your love,
and we may grow together in the friendship of Christ.


Sr Scholastica Jacob :