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Above all things let him have humility

Above all things let him have humility, and if he have nothing else to give, let him give a good word in answer; for it is written: A good word is above the best gift.2 Let him have under his care all those things which the abbot has assigned to him, but presume not to deal with what he has forbidden to him. Let him give the brethren their appointed allowance of food without any arrogance or delay, that they may not be scandalized, mindful of what the Scripture saith that he deserves who shall scandalize one of these little ones.3 If the community be a large one, let helpers be given him, so that by their assistance he too may fulfil with a quiet mind the charge that has been committed to him. Let those things which have been asked for and those things which have to be given, be asked for and given at the proper time; so that no one may be troubled or vexed in the house of God.

2Ecclus xviii, 17
3Matt xviii, 6