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We believe it to be sufficient for the daily dinner

We believe it to be sufficient for the daily dinner, whether that be at the sixth or the ninth hour, that every table should have two cooked dishes, on account of individual infirmities, so that he who perchance cannot eat of the one, may make his meal of the other. Therefore let two cooked dishes suffice for all the brethren; and if any fruit or young vegetables are available, let a third be added. Let a good pound weight of bread suffice for the day, whether there be one meal only, or both dinner and supper. If they are to have supper, let a third part of the pound be reserved by the cellarer, to be given them for their supper. But if their work chance to be heavier, the abbot shall have the choice and power, should it be expedient, to increase this allowance. Above all things, however, excess must be avoided, so that a monk may never suffer from a surfeit; for there is nothing so unfitting for a christian as surfeiting, according to our Lord’s words: Take heed lest your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting.1 Young boys shall not receive the same amount of food as their elders, but less; and frugality shall be observed in all circumstances. Except the sick who are very weak, let all abstain entirely from eating the flesh of four-footed animals.

1Luke xxi, 34