Thursday 18th April, the Community will be praying Vigils and Compline privately.

And the Lord, seeking his workman…

And the Lord, seeking his workman among the multitudes to whom he thus crieth, saith again: What man is he that desireth life and would fain see good days?1 And if hearing him thou answer, ‘I am he,’ God saith to thee: If thou wilt have true and everlasting life, keep thy tongue from evil and thy lips that they speak no guile. Turn away from evil and do good; seek after peace and pursue it.2 And when you have done these things, my eyes will be upon you and my ears open unto your prayers. And before you call upon me, I shall say to you, ‘Lo, here I am.’ What can be sweeter to us, dearest brethren, than this voice of our Lord inviting us? Behold in his loving mercy the Lord showeth us the way of life.

1 Ps xxxiii, 13
2 Ibid 14-16