Mass on Wednesday 17 April at 11.30am

O Beauty, ever ancient, ever new

St Benedict would almost certainly have known these words of St Augustine, and they continue to raise the heart to God today.

Rooted in the ancient monastic tradition and transplanted to this stunning location, the Stanbrook Community invites you to join us in creating a new setting for our journey together into God’s eternal beauty. In these pages we wish to share something of the wonder of creation in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park and to make available some of the riches our Christian monastic heritage.

Benedictine life

Monastic life is a combination of many different elements and as Benedictines we try to keep these in balance and harmony so that we live in a way that reflects our commitment to Prefer Nothing Whatever to Christ.
We pray that in exploring this new website you will discover more about our way of life and different ways in which you can be supported in your faith and connected with us.

Please be patient as we grow in confidence and proficiency to add new content to the site.

Our shop

We sell a wide range of books and cards for all occasions. Some of the crafts practised by sisters in the community are also on sale, weaving, calligraphy, poetry and photography.
If you can’t find what you are looking for please do ask, we may be able to help!

Rule of St Benedict for the day

If anyone of the priestly order ask to be received into the monastery, permission shall not be granted him too readily. Nevertheless, if he persevere firmly in his petition, let him know that he will have to observe the full discipline of the Rule and that nothing will be abated for him. As the Scripture saith: Friend, whereunto art thou come?1 However, let him be allowed to take rank next to the abbot, to pronounce blessings, and to celebrate Mass, provided that the abbot give him permission. Otherwise, let him not presume to do anything, knowing that he is subject to the discipline of the Rule; but rather let him give to all an example of humility. If there be question of an appointment or of some business in the monastery, let him hold the place that is his according to the date of his entrance into the monastery, and not that which is granted to him out of respect for his priesthood. If any clerics, likewise, should desire to become members of the community, let them be assigned a middle rank. Yet they too are to be admitted only on condition that they promise observance of the Rule and stability.