Community on retreat 22-30 July. Services open; shop closed.

Welcomed as Christ

As members of the Catholic Church and Benedictine nuns, we live by the Gospel and the Rule of St Benedict and the precept that all who live, work or visit here are to be ‘welcomed as Christ’.

Our dignity as human beings created in the image and likeness of God is to be respected at all times and made concrete in the way we speak, behave and listen to one another.

Christ is especially present in the guest and in the sick. Our community should be a place where everyone feels safe and supported.

If you have a concern about safeguarding please contact our Safeguarding Lead, Sr Josephine Parkinson, 01347 868900 or The Religious Life Safeguarding Service (RLSS) 0151 5562311.

If someone is in immediate danger or it is an emergency call 999.