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If any brother, though often corrected for some offence…

If any brother, though often corrected for some offence and even excommunicated, do not amend, let him receive more severe correction; that is to say, let the punishment of the rod be administered to him. But if even so he do not amend, or perchance (which God forbid) being puffed up with pride would even defend his deeds then let the abbot follow the procedure of a prudent physician. Having applied the fomentations and ointments of his exhortations, having used the medicine of the Holy Scriptures and last of all the cautery of excommunication and the strokes of the rod: then, if he see that all his trouble is of no avail, let him employ a greater thing still, namely the prayers of himself and all the brethren, that God, who can do all things, may effect the cure of the sick brother.

But if he be not healed even in this way, then let the abbot use the knife of amputation, as the apostle saith: Put away the wicked one from among yourselves;1 and again: If the unbeliever depart, let him depart;2 lest one diseased sheep contaminate the whole flock.

11 Cor. v, 13
21 Cor. vii, 15