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Let there be a separate kitchen for the abbot and guests

Let there be a separate kitchen for the abbot and guests, so that the brothers may not be disturbed when guests – who are never lacking in a monastery – arrive at irregular hours. Let two brethren be appointed for a year to have charge of this kitchen, and let them fulfil their office well. Let help be given them according as they need it, so that they may serve without murmuring. And, on the other hand, when they have less to do, let them go out to whatever task is assigned to them. And not only in their case, but in every office of the monastery, let the same consideration be shown and help given whenever it is needed; and, on the other hand, when they are unoccupied, let them do whatever they are bidden.

The guest-house shall be assigned to a brother whose soul is full of the fear of God. Let there be a sufficient number of beds ready therein, and let the house of God be governed by prudent men in a prudent manner.

Let no one, without special instructions, associate or converse with guests. If he meet or see them, let him greet them humbly, as we have said, and ask a blessing; then let him pass on, saying that he is not permitted to talk with a guest.