A 21st Century Community Rooted
In Christ

The Stanbrook Abbey community now at Wass traces its roots back to seventeenth-century Flanders where it was founded by nine young English women (including a clutch from Yorkshire) in exile. Imprisoned during the French Revolution, a small band of survivors returned to England in 1795, settling in 1838 at Callow End, Worcester. Another 170 years brought the move to North Yorkshire.

The branches show direct foundations from Cambrai / Stanbrook, their subsequent foundations, as well as those houses founded with some assistance from Stanbrook (+) or where Stanbrook nuns have helped out up to 2012 (*).

From the tiny acorn planted by our foundresses in 1623 has grown, through God's grace, a mature oak tree whose branches span the world.

Click onto a title for a biography of some of those who have fed our tradition.