A glorious morning, as if creation truly were renewed; we pray it shall be.
The first large poppy of the season burst into bloom in celebration, its full red against the green foliage with a hint of dew all pointers to the Holy Spirit.

At Lauds Mother Abbess chose for her Scripture Chapter the beginning of Revelation 22: the river of the water of life flowing through the centre of the New Jerusalem flanked by fruitful trees whose leaves are for the healing of the nations. And how we long and pray for that healing!

This passage from the New Testament echoes that from Ezekiel 47 about the river of life flowing from the sanctuary in the Temple, a text which has accompanied our Easter liturgy for the past 50 days in the form of the beautiful Paschal Candle designed and executed by D. Julian.
Both these passages of Scripture resonate strongly with, and are fulfilled in, the Gospel of St John where the water of new life flows from the pierced side of Jesus on the Cross (John 19:34).

This is the heart of the Good News we celebrate: new life and all possible blessings flowing from what looked like death and a failure. Alleluia!


Just burst
the pods reveal
tightly packed
as a clenched fist
spilling out like

Open petals
caldera pools
like eyes
blood-red, kohl-black,
streaked, as if weeping all war.

©Laurentia Johns OSB
from Seeking Byland
Gracewing, 2020.