Community on retreat 22-30 July. Services open; shop closed.

As cellarer of the monastery…

As cellarer of the monastery let there be chosen out of the community a man who is prudent, of mature character, temperate, not a great eater, not proud, nor headstrong, not rough- spoken, not lazy, not wasteful, but a God-fearing man who may be like a father to the whole community. Let him have charge of everything; let him do nothing without the abbot’s orders, but keep to his instructions. Let him not vex the brethren; but if any brother chance to make an unreasonable demand, let him not vex him with a contemptuous denial, but reasonably and humbly refuse the improper request. Let him keep guard over his own soul, remembering always the saying of the apostle that he that hath ministered well purchaseth to himself a good degree.1 Let him take the greatest care of the sick, of children, of guests and the poor, knowing without doubt that he will have to render an account for all of these on the Day of Judgement. Let him look upon all the utensils of the monastery and its whole property as upon the sacred vessels of the altar. Let him not think that anything may be neglected. Let him neither practise avarice, nor be wasteful and a squanderer of the monastery’s substance; but let him do all things with measure and in accordance with the instructions of the abbot.

1Tim iii,13