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From the feast of Easter until Pentecost

From the feast of Easter until Pentecost let the brethren dine at the sixth hour and sup in the evening. From Pentecost throughout the summer, unless the monks have work in the fields or the heat of the summer oppress them, let them fast on Wednesdays and Fridays until the ninth hour; on the other days let them dine at the sixth hour. If they have field work or the summer heat be extreme, this dinner at the sixth hour shall be retained. Let this matter be determined at the abbot’s discretion; and let him so arrange and ordain all things that souls may be saved and that the brethren may do their work without justifiable murmuring. From September the 14th until the beginning of Lent let them dine always at the ninth hour. In Lent until Easter let them dine in the evening. Vespers, however, should be so timed that the brethren may not need the light of a lamp as they dine, but that all may be accomplished by daylight. And at all times let the hour of the evening meal, whether dinner or supper, be so arranged that everything may be done by daylight.