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Vespers shall be sung every day with four psalms

Vespers shall be sung every day with four psalms. Let these begin with the hundred and ninth and go on to the hundred and forty- seventh, omitting those of them which are set aside for special Hours, namely the hundred and seventeenth to the hundred and twenty- seventh, the hundred and thirty-third and hundred and forty-second. All the rest are to be said at Vespers. And since there are three psalms too few, let the longer psalms in the number above be divided, namely the hundred and thirty-eighth, hundred and forty-third and hundred and forty-fourth. But the hundred and sixteenth psalm, being short, shall be joined to the hundred and fifteenth. The order of the vesper psalms being thus settled, let the rest of the Hour, that is to say lesson, responsory, hymn, versicle and canticle, be carried out as we prescribed before. At Compline let the psalms be repeated every day: that is, the fourth, ninetieth and hundred and thirty-third.