Community on retreat 22-30 July. Services open; shop closed.

Praise of God is at the heart of Benedictine life.

Beginning with Vigils at 6am, the bell summons the community to gather for prayer six times during the day. In addition, each sister spends a total of one hour in personal prayer, while the community Mass is the highpoint of prayer together. So prayer is the main work of contemplatives who, through growing in union with Christ, offer the concerns of the whole world to God.

All our services are open to the public:
Vigils: 6am, Lauds:7.30am, Office:9.30am, MASS: Noon, Vespers:6pm, Compline, 8.15

Vigils: 6am, Lauds:7.30am, MASS:9.00am, Office 12.30, Vespers:6pm, Compline, 8.15

Seven times a day I will praise you.